December 27, 2019.This plain language privacy policy supersedes any and all earlier versions. will never rent, sell, or otherwise share your personal information (email, name, address, order history, credit card data) with any third-party, except as needed to fulfill your purchase. By necessity, this agreement excludes the sharing of your name and shipping address […]


GENERAL INFORMATION All orders are subject to product availability. Generally, if an item is not in stock at the time you place your order, it will not be listed, however on the rare occasion circumstances change, and stock isn't available. In these cases, we will notify you and refund you the total amount of your […]


WEBSITE TERMS OF SERVICE INTRODUCTION This website is operated by Shirts'n Giggles a division of Nexus Internet Services (herafter “Shirts'n Giggles”). The terms “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to Shirts'n Giggles. The use of our website is subject to the following terms and conditions of use, as amended from time to time (the “Terms”). The […]